Star Trek Half Century Mark

Star Trek Half Century Mark

The Star Trek brand is about to be 50 next year, what can we expect?


star trek original seriesFor those us you (actaully I should say us!) who are True Trekies, (no I don't speak Klingon, you p'Taq LOL), it's a big deal that our favourite show is celebrating it's 50th anniversary next year.
It would really be interesting to see what “Captain Kirk” means when he says he wants to do a musical for the 50th anniversary.
We certainly hope it's nothing like the video below.


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Captain Kirk Wants To Sing For 'Star Trek's' 50th Anniversary –

So why not a musical to celebrate the influential science-fiction franchise's 50th anniversary next year?

“I'm attempting to sell a 50th anniversary show, but so far I've had very little luck,” the newspaper quoted him as saying. “Maybe because Paramount's going to do their own — but I don't know how they can do their own without me. I've never been contacted.”

The paper reported that Shatner said a “big company” has contacted him about doing a musical or variety show.

“That got some traction — but nothing's come of it yet,” Shatner said.

“Star Trek” debuted September 8, 1966. The original incarnation aired for only three years but is widely considered one of the most influential science-fiction series ever.

It spawned four TV spinoffs — a fifth is now in the works — and 12 movies, with a 13th planned for release next year after J.J. Abrams' 2009 reboot breathed new life into the franchise.

So what would a “Star Trek” musical look like?

Well, it does have that iconic opening theme … one of the better known theme songs in television history.

And it would be awfully interesting if Shatner starred. He's renowned for his … unusual … singing style.

Then there's this imagining from the comedy duo Rhett and Link: “STAR TREK: The Middle School Musical.”

“I haven't had this much fun since the Wrath of Khan,” the kids sing while doing a chorus line.

“Let's head back, I've got to drop a captain's log!” the Kirk character sings (yes, really singing).

Take that, J.J. Abrams.

 Credits: Captain Kirk wants to sing for 'Star Trek's' 50th anniversary

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