Bed Bug Issue At Radisson Resort Orlando FL. Resort Hotel

Bed Bug Issue At Radisson Resort Orlando FL. Resort Hotel

We have recently received this story from Ms. Carrie Choi, who is a director and foreign camp manager for NASA in Korea. Ms Carry Choi claims to have been a victim of bed bugs while staying at the hotel. What follows is Ms Carries own account about the incident.

mr choi bed bugs incident

I was stayed at the Radisson resort at the port, Orlando, FL during 16th of Aug – 20th of Aug 2015.
Every night when i go to sleep I felt something’ uncomfortable with my blankets. Feels like some itchiness when the person changed the detergent for the first time…

I’m living in Korea where has no bed bug. So I couldn’t expect any of this bed bug bite possibility.

After I came back from Florida, I finally realized I was bitten all around my legs from bed bug. During the flight emphysematous papules are started to appear and unstoppable itchiness has started.

I was trying to solve this with the hotel directly and reasonably. My travel agency told me they had same issue with this hotel already. But at that time they also ignored any compensation request from travel agency and the victim who was a student from Korea.

Horribly I was also in the same shoes like them. I’m a director who’s in charge of study in abroad camp manager for NASA in Korea. Fortunately I was the only victim of that issue. I might guess I was the only one who didn’t swim at that time so it might have affected.

As time goes by, the hotel’s reaction of this makes me getting extremely mad. They even try to hide this with sending me a kind of paper which show the inspection date a year ago. I have sent the complaint email on 14th of Aug 2015 but the reply of inspection check date was 16th of Aug 2014. How can we trust the hotel did the real check for the visitors?

I truly believes that the hotel should compensate my treatment fee that I spent for it about 800 USD. I strongly hope that this won’t happen to your loved ones. You shouldn’t stay at this kind of silly and irresponsible hotel.

Below email was the last email that I got from the hotel. Since then, they are not even send me any reply. Attached files are my picture, doctor’s report and hotel’s idiot certification which has been done a year ago from I stayed there.

I’ll go back to FL Orlando in Jan 2016 for the same journey. I’m very feared to stay at the any of hotel in Orlando about this bed bug issue might happen to us again.

After just a little digging we were able to find 2 similar incidents on Trip Advisor about the Radisson Resorts in Orlando. Ms Choi’s doctor report is on file with Florida Health News.

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