Weed Oil and ADHD

CBD Oil to treat ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADHD can manifest itself in physical and mental restlessness, agitation, noisiness, impulsivity, lack of concentration, and sometimes hyperactivity.

Weed oil can work against ADHD without risk of negative side effects.

On the one hand, it is a requirement to be able to offer the right treatment, on the other hand, it is a worrying development. The number of diagnoses is still rising explosively. For example, 3-5% of children are diagnosed with ADHD. Most ADHD patients take the heavy medication in the form of pills to curb their busy behavior.

Increased Medication

The fact that medicines are prescribed too often is partly due to the pharmaceutical industry. You probably can't blame the pharmacist. After all, they want to sell the medicines that are made. Sometimes parents of children even feel pressured by the school to give pills. If the children don't take these pills they are kindly – but urgently – asked to look for special education.

Adverse Reactions

Children are usually prescribed ‘Ritalin' and adults ‘Concerta'. Both drugs contain methylphenidate, which is very similar to amphetamine (or: the drug's speed'). Despite the fact that speed is a stimulant, ADHD patients are calmed down by it. They are then better able to shut themselves off from outside stimuli so that they can concentrate better.

Drugs with methylphenidate can have side effects. These side effects may include sleeping problems, nervousness, headaches, loss of appetite, palpitations, drowsiness, loss of spontaneity, and showing abnormal behavior.


Incidentally, the internet is also full of success stories about medicine use. The proponents are of the opinion that the risk of side effects due to drug use does not outweigh the profits made by people with very serious problems.

Do The Negative Effects Outweigh The Positive Effects?

With your doctor, you will have to weigh up whether the side effects go beyond a limit. If this is the case, one can choose to stop the medication and look for another solution. Many people put their money where their mouth is and look for another treatment.

How Does Weed Oil Combat ADHD?

Many people with ADHD prefer weed oil because they do not experience any negative side effects when using weed oil.

This is in contrast to Ritalin and similar drugs based on methylphenidate. As already mentioned… methylphenidate has a long list of potential side effects, including headaches, insomnia, nervousness, and nausea. Furthermore, it is not possible to simply stop taking methylphenidate because the patient may suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Marijuana oil can work well against ADHD and marijuana oil has none of the mentioned side effects of methylphenidate. Weed oil also does not have the withdrawal symptoms of Ritalin and similar medications.

Which Weed Oil Works Against ADHD?

Both weed oil based on CBD (cannabidiol) and weed oil based on THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can work against ADHD. Most patients who use weed oil against ADHD have especially positive experiences with THC oil, because THC works more directly in the brain, while CBD works mainly in the body. Which type of weed oil is most suitable for someone with ADHD may vary from person to person.

Of course, with weed oil based on THC, there is a risk that the patient will get high. Correct dosage is therefore important. In children with ADHD, one drop of weed oil is usually enough before going to bed. With an adult, it is a matter of trying it out.

THC oil almost always helps well with ADD, ADHD, and autistic disorders.

Since every human being is different, it cannot be said without knowing more about the patient which of the two is the most suitable.

*1/4 of ADHD patients benefit from CBD weed oil. CBD cannabis oil is legal, it doesn't get you high and it's cheap. So if CBD calms you down, that would be great.

*3/4 of the cases benefit from THC weed oil. THC weed oil is not legal, but can easily be made by yourself.

Incidentally, CBD weed oil and THC weed oil can be used at the same time to reduce the chance of getting high by using THC weed oil.

Scientific Research Weed Oil And ADHD

There are several medical studies on the use of cannabis and the treatment of ADHD in adults.

An example is a German study. In this study, 30 people with ADHD were given the opportunity to use cannabis as an alternative to other drugs over a longer period of time. The results were extremely positive. In all 30 patients, cannabis worked well against ADHD without the negative side effects of regular drugs.

There are no medical studies on weed oil or other medicinal cannabis in relation to the treatment of ADHD in children. However, there are several patient testimonies in which parents decide to protect their children from Ritalin, with all its negative side effects, and instead, treat their child with weed oil. The children themselves and the parents are positive about the use of weed oil.

Where Can I Get Weed Oil?

In the better classified CBD webshops, you will find different variants of CBD oil. Make sure the oils are of high quality and are supplied by recognized manufacturers.

We do not sell THC oil, because the sale of products containing THC is (still) illegal. However, it is quite easy to make your own THC oil. You keep full control over the quality of the THC oil yourself.

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