Alternative Health Care

There are many ways to promote a healthier lifestyle and restore balance.

Alternative medicine and complementary medicine are collective names for treatment methods and diagnostic concepts that are conceived as an alternative or complement to scientifically-based medicine.

Alternative and complementary medical treatments include naturopathic treatments, body therapy procedures, some relaxation procedures, and treatment methods such as homeopathy and osteopathy, as well as methods such as anthroposophical medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

The Healing Power of Dandelions

Everything you've always wanted to know about the dandelion... There are 200 species of dandelion and they all have a…

8 months ago

The Healing Power and Possible Side Effects of Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle Can Be Very Beneficial For Your Health The seeds of the milk thistle are beaten from the flower…

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The History and Importance of Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy) - The History This article is about the historical medicinal use of plant-based substances and herbs as…

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Recipe For The Dandelion Cure May Help With Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver Diseases And Kidney Diseases

In addition to its diuretic properties, dandelion stimulates the gallbladder cleanses the liver, helps with allergies, reduces cholesterol, and is…

8 months ago

Detox With Dandelion

Dandelion can be seen as the main ingredient of a detoxification cure or detox. Mellie Uyldert (see related sources) said…

8 months ago

Five Powerful Natural Antibiotics

There's been a buzz in the press and news media... over the past couple of years about the fact that,…

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3 Popular Herbs To Lower High Blood Sugar Levels

There are herbs that, in addition to their remarkable taste and aroma, can also significantly lower blood sugar levels. Below…

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Why ginger is so healthy

Ginger is a perfect remedy against flu and colds and warms you when it's cold outside. This spice can be…

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The Beneficial and Medicinal Properties of Ginger

What Is Ginger? Ginger is a root vegetable with a light yellow color. It tastes somewhat sharp and spicy. Ginger…

8 months ago

The Thirteen Most Popular Alternative Healing Therapies To Restore Balance

As you've probably heard before, alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular in the US, but which alternative medicine…

9 months ago

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