Recipe For The Dandelion Cure May Help With Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver Diseases And Kidney Diseases

Dandelion Tea

In addition to its diuretic properties, dandelion stimulates the gallbladder cleanses the liver, helps with allergies, reduces cholesterol, and is recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant women and post-menopausal women.

The beginning of April is an ideal time for picking dandelions. Pick it outside the city, in areas far from roads. When picking see that you take out the whole plant (the easiest way is to put a knife under the root and push the knife up) because every part of the dandelion is useful and healthy. The leaves of the dandelion (chicory) are great for making a salad but also work great for detox.

The leaves go great in combination with boiled eggs and potatoes. The leaves contain more vitamins than the spinach and the tomatoes. In addition to that, it has diuretic properties it stimulates the gallbladder, cleanses the liver, helps with allergies, and reduces cholesterol and is recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant women and postmenopausal women.

Dandelion contains more carotenes than carrots and is a great source of various vitamins and minerals. From the flowers of these plants, you can make syrup, which is sometimes compared to honey. This syrup cleans and strengthens the blood and improves digestion, and helps with coughing.


Pick about 400 yellow dandelion flowers. Pour over them 3 liters of cold water and insert 4 slices of lemon and 4 sliced oranges. Leave for 24 hours. Then filter through gauze and transfer the liquid to a pot. Add 2 pounds of sugar and stir frequently, cook for about an hour and a half after the liquid is brought to a boil and you should get a thick syrup.

Then reduce the heat and pour the hot syrup into hot jars that you previously sterilized. Close the lids on the jars. The syrup is dense and is often referred to as honey. It is excellent for removing the symptoms of colds, coughs, and bronchitis … Take it with a teaspoon. It's great for the kids, so do not be afraid to give it to them every day.

Tea made from dandelion:

Pick the flowers and dry them in the open. Of the dried flowers make tea and drink it always freshly prepared. You can add honey, which will further enrich the healing properties of tea, but do not forget that you should never put honey in hot tea with a metal spoon. Use a wooden or plastic one.

Dandelion root may offer a cure for certain types of cancer

This plant is so healing that not so long ago scientists discovered that the root of the dandelion may be of benefit in curing cancer. If we want to keep dandelion root fresh, it should be dry. Before drying, the roots should be carefully peeled and cut into equal smaller pieces after the dandelion root is dried in the open.

Spread the dandelion root on a surface, in a cool dry place with good airflow. The root will be dried for a period of 3-14 days, and you will recognize that when dried becomes brittle under the fingers.

Dry dandelion root preserves its medicinal properties for up to a year in its dried form, keeping it in a jar in a dry, dark place helps. Dandelion root cleanses the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and lymph and stimulates the kidneys to get rid of toxins through urine sent out from the body. The root is also used to treat many diseases, such as constipation, clean the skin of acne, edema, and similar, and cure arthritis, rheumatism, hepatitis, and gallstones.

Dandelion root is extremely good for treating women's diseases, especially the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the breast, such as cysts, cancer, various tumors, swollen breasts, breastfeeding problems, and improving breast milk. In order to utilize the full potential of dandelion roots, it is best used as a decoction or a tincture.

Recipe for decoction:

Mix 30 grams of dried roots of dandelion with 60 grams of fresh dandelion roots and pour 2.5dl of water into the mixture and add a pinch of salt. Put the liquid in a pan and bring it to a boil, cover the pan and let it simmer for 20 minutes. After cooking, filter the content and drink three cups of “tea” day.

Tea from the root of the dandelion:

Dry the root of the plant, then chop it and grind it. Store the powder for future use. Drink half a teaspoon of the powder with a glass of water.

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