Detoxing With Dandelion

Dandelion can be seen as the main ingredient of a detoxification cure or detox. Mellie Uyldert (see related sources) said that it is wise for every person to eat two leaves of dandelion every day. You can add this to your bread as leaves between the slices of cheese or you can shred it through a salad. Of course dandelion leaves can also be put in soup or on a peanut butter sandwich. Eating dandelion leaf can be part of a lifelong cure but there is also a 14-day cure with the stems.

A great detoxifier

The healing power of dandelion is well known in European history. Dandelion is a beautiful flower to see. You can eat it and make tea of it. In addition, the herb can be a means of detoxification. In fact, the body permanently takes in too many bad substances.

Detoxing With Dandelion

We as modern people eat too many foods that have no nutritional value such as sugars, white flour products, trans fats, E-numbers and table salt or sodium chloride enriched with synthetic iodine and an aluminium solution to prevent the salt from clumping.

How Dandelion Works

Dandelions contain bitter substances. These bitter substances help the bile to stimulate production. The liver works better when the gallbladder secretes more bile. This allows the liver to cope with more toxins. Furthermore, a better functioning liver is good for the entire digestion. More nutrients are taken from the diet. Dandelion can therefore also achieve an anti-fatigue effect; we get enough nutrients again. Dandelion may even have special benefits for women.

Permanent Cure With Dandelion Leaves

Eating two dandelion leaves every day is in fact doing a cure; a permanent, life-long course of detoxification. There are a lot of waste products in our body and therefore we can always use a detoxification.

The 14-Day Detox With Dandelion Stems

Normally you shouldn't eat dandelion stems. But you can use them for two weeks to do a cure. As you may know, there is a lot of dandelions in spring. From July onwards, the dandelions have largely finished flowering. A cure with dandelion stems is best done when there are lots of dandelions; so that there are always enough stems. How do you proceed?

  • The first day: eat 1 dandelion stem
  • The second day: eat 2 dandelion stems
  • The third day: eat 3 dandelion stems
  • Etcetera until the seventh day. Then you eat 7 dandelion stems.
  • After this you start counting down again; you reduce the number of dandelion stems by one every day

Two approaches

Dandelions can thus be used in two ways to detoxify:

  • Daily use of at least two leaves
  • The 14-day dandelion stalk cure

Multiple ways to detoxify the liver

Stem and flowers of the Dandelion

There are many other ways to detoxify the liver. The beauty of dandelion is that it's free of charge. Milk thistle is the strongest way to detoxify the liver. Carrot, endive and chicory are also eligible to be used by anyone who wants to detoxify the liver. Turmeric is also a good spice that stimulates the liver function. For a healthy liver function, it is important to reduce coffee consumption or stop using it altogether.

It can help to drink a mix of chicory and coffee. Chicory root and leaves also help to detoxify the liver. You can dig up dandelion roots yourself, clean, dry and roast them and then powdering them and using them as a coffee mix.

Four ways to consume dandelion

There are several ways to use the dandelion as a liver cleanser. The most important are listed here:

  • The 14-day dandelion treatment
  • Dandelion tea
  • Dandelion leaf in salad, soup or on bread
  • Using dandelion root as a coffee substitute

How do you make dandelion tea?

Dandelion tea is easy to make by drying dandelion leaves. These can then be powdered. It is possible to do this with a hand blender. If it is powdered you can use dandelion leaves as a basis for tea. It is a good idea to collect nettle tops in the same way and to dry and powdering them as well. Stinging nettles have a stimulating effect on the kidneys and urinary tract. A mixture of nettle and dandelion can purify the body even better. You might want to try this this dandelion cure recipe

Dandelion leaf is found in various high-end, cleansing tea mixes from organic shops.

Dandelions in a Vegetable Garden

Dandelions are quite easy to pick in nature. However, you can also grow them yourself. Firstly, you can collect the fluff balls and put them over a delimited area in your vegetable garden, secondly, you can collect roots or plants from nature and plant them in your own vegetable garden. The advantage of dandelion leaves from your own garden is that you know you don't use rubbish in the garden.

In the wild, dandelions are very flexible and grow even after herbicides have been applied to them. In nature you don't know exactly what you eat. Dandelions picked in the wild are almost always grown without chemicals. But from dandelions from your vegetable garden you really know for sure.

Other ways to detox

Besides eating dandelion, it is important to sweat a lot; this helps you to get rid of waste products. Sweating reduces the strain on the liver. After sweating you drink a lot of water, preferably with a little celtic sea salt or himalaya salt to maintain your mineral level.

Work up a sweat by:

  • Hard work, for example by digging in your vegetable garden
  • Playing sports, for example running or cycling
  • Visiting a sauna

Health Benefits and Preparation


Nature is full of great medicinal plants and herbs that can be used to help aid us maintain our health and immune system in top condition. Among these medicinal herbs, the common dandelion is one of the best documented. Several studies have confirmed the health benefits of dandelion. To learn more about the healing power of dandelion follow the link.

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