Alternative Health Care

Health Comes in Many Forms

There are many ways to promote a healthier lifestyle and restore balance.

Alternative medicine and complementary medicine are collective names for treatment methods and diagnostic concepts that are conceived as an alternative or complement to scientifically based medicine.

Alternative and complementary medical treatments include naturopathic treatments, body therapy procedures, some relaxation procedures and treatment methods such as homeopathy and osteopathy, as well as methods such as anthroposophical medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Phytotherapy: How it Works, Benefits, Results and Risks

Essential Oils

Phytotherapy is used in various naturopathy methods as well as on a limited scale in the regular context. Much phytotherapeutic knowledge is based on centuries of preserved and passed on use.

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The Nineteen Most Popular Alternative Healing Therapies To Restore Balance

Dandelion Detox

As you've probably heard before, alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular in the US, but which alternative medicine is currently the most popular, and do you want to try it out?

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