Ginger Root Health Benefits

The Beneficial and Medicinal Properties of Ginger

What Is Ginger? Ginger is a root vegetable with a light yellow color. It tastes somewhat sharp and spicy. Ginger root is an excellent ingredient to enrich exotic vegetable dishes….

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Salmon Rich in Omega 3

How healthy are omega 3 fatty acids?

Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids. The best known are alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and the fish fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Omega 3 fatty…

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Linseed flaxseed are the same

Does Linseed Have Medicinal and Healing Properties? The Dangers, Benefits and Other Uses of Flaxseed

Years ago linseed was mostly sold in bags at pet shops. It is still sold there as bird food. In those days linseed was also sold in supermarkets, but you…

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Include Vitamin A - Retinol in Your Diet

Do You Get Enough Vitamin A In Your Diet?

Vitamin A deficiency could lead to night blindness, complete blindness poor bone density, and a host of other complications‚Ķ Vitamin A is the third most common vitamin deficiency worldwide. A…

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Plant Based Foods Alleviates Arthritis

Can Plant Based Foods Help With Arthritis?

Millions of people worldwide are affected by rheumatoid arthritis. While not lethal in itself, it is nothing short of devastating for sufferers. In severe cases, it can lead to serious…

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Digestive Tract

A Natural Recipe For Regulation Of The Stool And Digestive Tract

This is a totally organic and natural remedy for healing the digestive tract which primarily helps in digestion and relieves constipation and hard and/or irregular stools. A good and regular…

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Avocado Contains Magnesium

7 Best Sources Of Magnesium

Few people are aware of the enormous role that magnesium has in our health: Magnesium is important for almost all bodily functions, improves the immune system, prevents the development of…

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Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes Prevention

A person with diabetes must pay attention throughout his or her life: blood values must be measured regularly, attention must be paid to what is eaten and in some cases,…

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Prevent Diabetes with Grapefruit

Can you prevent diabetes by eating grapefruit?

Prevent diabetes, wick away fluids, and help lose weight – grapefruit can do it all. Recent research suggests that this fruit can be used against diabetes. It may even help…

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Prevent Type2 Diabetes

5 Answers For Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

More and more people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. With the right lifestyle adjustments, you can often live very well with it. According to biologist Marian Bosma, these…

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