Marijuana CBD Health

Marijuana For Better Health

I bet your parents didn’t know THIS when they told you to eat your vegetables It’s true, that marijuana is classified as a vegetable and may have many health benefits….

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Historical Herbal Medicine Book

The History and Importance of Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy) – The History This article is about the historical medicinal use of plant-based substances and herbs as opposed to the culinary use of herbs and spices. Medicine…

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Dandelion Tea

Recipe For The Dandelion Cure May Help With Cancer, Hepatitis, Liver Diseases And Kidney Diseases

In addition to its diuretic properties, dandelion stimulates the gallbladder cleanses the liver, helps with allergies, reduces cholesterol, and is recommended as a dietary supplement for pregnant women and post-menopausal…

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Dandelion Flower

Detox With Dandelion

Dandelion can be seen as the main ingredient of a detoxification cure or detox. Mellie Uyldert (see related sources) said that it is wise for every person to eat two…

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Onion Has Health Benefits

Five Powerful Natural Antibiotics

There’s been a buzz in the press and news media… over the past couple of years about the fact that, as a race, we are developing immunity to antibiotic drugs….

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Cayenne Pepper

3 Popular Herbs To Lower High Blood Sugar Levels

There are herbs that, in addition to their remarkable taste and aroma, can also significantly lower blood sugar levels. Below you will find a list of three herbs that can…

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Ginger Health Benefits

Why ginger is so healthy

Ginger is a perfect remedy against flu and colds and warms you when it’s cold outside. This spice can be harvested and multiplied in February. Grab a saucer right away…

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Organic Honey

When Honey Is Not A Sweet Deal

We’ve all heard the good news about using honey as a natural alternative for many health problems. But in some cases, what you buy in the store is pure worthless…

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Sugars and Glucose

What is Glucose?

Glucose (γλυκος = sweet) is a naturally occurring chemical compound with the gross formula C6H12O6. There are two enantiomers of glucose: D-glucose and L-glucose. Only D-glucose occurs in nature. L-glucose…

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Garlic Anti-inflammatory properties

Top Twelve Common Anti-inflammatory Foods

The food you eat has a big effect on your health and anti-inflammatory food can help the body get rid of visible and invisible inflammations. Wondering what to put on…

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